Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Guatemala: Part I

 I wanted to share a few pics from my time in Guatemala a few weeks ago.  This was my 4th trip down there and as always it was inspiring, exhausting, and filled with stunning fabrics.   While up in the highlands around gorgeous, Lake Atitlan, we went for a little drive around the lake to visit one of Proud Mary's weaving communities.  I've been working with this group for almost 4 years and love seeing their kids grown up and their families prospering.  My favorite part about traveling is realizing that we are all the same.  We might look different, speak different languages, and come from different financial situations but at the end of the day we all want and need the same things.  Relationships, love, to take care of and be taken care of.  Seeing this adorable group of young girls running around with each other made me smile huge.  Girls will be girls no matter if they're speaking Kaqchikel or English.  It's a beautiful thing:)


  1. Love this. I agree, when travelling, I'm always reminded how similar people are all over the world... Those girls are adorable!



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