Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Universal medium

Food differentiates one culture from another, embodying its traditions and customs. Conversely, food is universal. Food sustains us and brings people together everyday and everywhere in the world.

NPR harped on a similar universality yesterday: music. In the article, A Tour of Northern Mali, Courtesy of Sidi Toure, Anastacia Tsioulcas writes, "Music might be universal, but sometimes a song can instantly transport you to a very specific place within just a couple of beats." The music shared does just that. It embodies the North African culture and rhythms while allowing you to virtually travel to this desert land through the sense of sound.
"Ni See Ay Ga Done," by Sidi Touré a Malian singer/songwriter and guitarist. (Originally heard here)
Both food and music diffuse customs and traditions from one culture to another. Globalization is often a complicated and political phenomenon but through food and music we can find a peaceful common ground, a universal medium.
Cambodian marketplace
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