Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Conscience and the Decadence

We all make commitments in life. Some commit to a religion, some commit to a partner, some commit to recycling, a workout routine, a diet, a job...
Green & Black's is committed to making and selling premium organic chocolates by ethically sourcing the finest ingredients.

Green & Black's chocolates are undeniably delicious, but their commitment to ethical responsibility is what keeps me, the consumer, wanting more.  With consumption at an all time high, we have the power to be better buyers by supporting ethical companies.  Green & Black's challenges you to "Live in the &." Every time I open a bar of their chocolate I am inspired by the message inside the wrapper:
& is where green meets black. Where indulging in life exists harmoniously with respecting it. No compromises. If you are good to the earth, it can be very good back. This is what we mean when we say, "Live in the &." Have it both ways. Have the green and the black. The conscience and the decadence.
Since 1994, G&B's has committed to buying organic cocoa from the Toledo Cacao Growers Association (TCGA) in Belize and has since expanded to the Dominican Republic.

According to their website, co-founders Carl and Jo added G&B's Maya Gold after a vacation to Belize in 1994.  They met a group of Mayan farmers who had planted cocoa trees at the request of a large chocolate company which later withdrew from Belize leaving the farmers with no market. Craig and Jo agreed to buy the farmers' cocoa at a fair price and used the beans to create Maya Gold based on the flavour of a traditional Mayan chocolate drink.

Today's challenge: commit to ethical consumption - even if it is just for better tasting chocolate.

Posted by: Natalie K.

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