Monday, October 10, 2011


Maiyet is "pioneering a new luxury brand celebrating the rare and unexpected". They are currently working in India, Colombia, Kenya, and South Africa and just launched their debut collection at Paris fashion week. The company was started by Paul Van Zyl, a South Africa human rights lawyer and winner of a Skoll social entrepreneurship award and Kristy Caylor formerly from Band of Outsiders and and Gap. The two realize that a successful and sustainable path encourages business and preservations of culture. After much traveling and research Paul decided that the best way to facilitate growth within the developing world would be through a luxury brand "that sourced from and forged deep partnerships with master craftsmen in developing countries. We agree and welcome this beautiful new collection to the ethical fashion world!


  1. Thanks so much for this post! I absolutely love their collection, and would love to wear everything in that collection! What's even better is the brand's philosophy. I am also a budding designer and have a similar view for my brand and want to really highlight and preserve the skills of artisans from the developing countries. And this brand just gives me so much hope that it is indeed possible! :)



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