Friday, September 9, 2011

Quotable: Wanderlust...

"I dream of drifting away. It caught me, it has. That terrible aching disease, pain, want, deep fustration, feeling it all the way to the center of your being, the middle of your body, your bones. Wanderlust. I wouldn’t want it any other way… But right here, right now, it is k i l l i n g me. Soon, though; I will find my wings." - A Gypsea Dreamer

I've discovered the most beautiful blog and after reading the author's description (pasted above) I'm more at peace knowing that someone feels EXACTLY the same way as I do. Maybe wanderlust is a disease. Maybe we can't help but not feel settled or want to feel settled. And, maybe it's o.k. (image from A Gypsea Dreamer)

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