Sunday, May 22, 2011

New Collection!

I'm thrilled to announce the launch of our new collection, site, and shop! The collection consists of four handwoven fabrics, new bag shapes, pillows, and ties! This is our second textile collection entirely made by hand in collaboration with 3 weaving groups and 2 sewing workshops in Guatemala.
With our new line we are introducing a new partnership with a cooperative from Chajul, Guatemala. This group from a rural part of Guatemal create these amazing pom poms and tassels that embellish our pillows and bags. We're obsessed!!
Above is a photo of our El Sol fabric on the loom. This is an Ikat, for those of you familiar it's different than most you've probably seen. The idea came from gingham pattern and we love it in the grey!


  1. The new collection is GORGEOUS, Harper!! xo

  2. looks great! trying to decide what cute pouch to gift myself....hmmmm

  3. Congrats! Everything is beautiful!

  4. The tote and clutch/cosmetic bags are so great! I love the leather and brass details. Looking forward to a growing collection!



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