Monday, January 31, 2011

Nest/FEED Guatemala

Getting back from an amazing weekend in NY with Nest. Nest is an inspiring and unique non-profit that works with women artisans in developing countries to facilitate micro-loans, business development, and market access for women's craft based businesses. Proud Mary has been involved with Nest for several years, since we started working in Guatemala and it's been wonderful to see them grow! We were lucky to be able to hear Lauren Bush speak about her FEED Project, especially FEED Guatemala where the bags and pouches are produced by Nest artisans in Guatemala. The pouch provides a nutrient packet for one child for a year and the bags provide for 3 kids for a year. Guatemala has the highest percentage of malnourished kids in Latin America. Great project! (photos from here)

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  1. LOVE. We were so happy to have you this weekend.



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