Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dunes & Duchess

Dunes & Duchess just debuted their first line of candelabras and lamps at the New York Gift Show. The pieces are made from turned wood and painted high gloss white, black, and turquoise. Super chic. Can't wait to see more!


  1. I love seeing things done in wood that we normally associate with other materials (as you may know from replying about the headphones!) I would be intrigued to see a raw wood look on these too.

  2. Kenneth,
    I'm so glad you said that! We're working on a waxed wood and a lime painted finish on the candelabras right now!

    We cannot thank you enough for this great post about Dunes and Duchess. We had a great NYIGF and will be back at the show again in January.

    Have a happy day! Duchy

  3. Duchy,

    Sorry about not seeing your response for so long, guess I don't get auto updated to comments on things!

    Can't wait to see the waxed wood version, although lime green is always a winner!



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