Monday, May 17, 2010

Uganda Skateboarders Union

I can't believe I haven't heard about this yet! I discovered the Uganda Skateboard Union yesterday on Good and was and am incredibly inspired! This amazing group of Ugandan kids started this skateboarding org now NGO out of love for the sport and to provide a fun, healthy outlet for local kids. They raised money to build a new skateboard in Kitintale and continue to raise funds to repair the park and receive boards, shoes, and other equipment. I worked with Stoked, a mentoring organization in LA and NY, in NYC for almost 4 years and saw first hand the positive influence skateboarding can have on kids. It's a relatively cheap way to keep kids busy, build self esteem, and it's super fun. Swiss photographer Yann Gross has made a video about group and his book of photos "Kitintale" are beautiful. Check out Yann's site here. Follow the union on their blog here and find information on making donations here. (Top 2 photos from Uganda Skateboard Union, Bottom 3 from "Kitintale" by Yann Gross)

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